Thursday, May 14, 2009

Throwing a Fit

Wii finally broke down and bought a Wii Fit. Wii had been interested in one for a long time but lucky for us(me), the stores were always sold out. My luck ran out when we just happened to check out our local Target store. The shelf was empty and I exhaled yet another sigh at my good fortune at dodging another bullet to the exercise train. My victory was short lived though when Lady Di asked the clerk if he could look up availability at another store. When he checked it out, he discovered that his store actually had two Wii Fits in their back room.

You could actually hear me deflating like a Whoopee cushion.

Once home with our 'prize', we immediately (eventually) started it up. It was kind of fun to set up though. The Wii exercise board took measurements of our weight and BMI. I didn't care for the results, but it still was fun to watch it work. The game even plumped up my Mii to more closely match my girth. The all-knowing Wii board then computed my Wii fitness age based on my weight, height, BMI,hair style and shirt collar width. It turns out that my body is actually seven years older than I really am. Which is very good if you are talking about your reading level, but quite poor for fitness. Now, if it would have taken maturity level into consideration, it might have lowered my age a bit more.

So now the 'fun' part. Exercising. In reality, I do have fun exercising with it. I'm a master at Super Hula Hoop. The kids are pushing me to stay ahead of them though.

As long as I can keep Hula-ing my hips, I'm sure the extra seven years will just melt away.

I'm looking younger already.

Sweet Pea can shake it with the best of them.

One thing I have noticed with all of our Wii games is that, no matter how good you are at the Wii, it doesn't translate well into the real life game. Number One Son made the comment that he will probably bowl really well because he can roll a 200 on the Wii. He found out that an actual bowling ball weighs a little more than the Wii remote. And just because you can rock to Hot For Teacher in Guitar Hero, it doesn't mean you can play a real guitar.

I'm going to test this theory the next time we visit the toy store. I'm going to grab a Hula-Hoop and put on a spectacle. Or probably just make a spectacle of myself.


Anonymous said...

I already tried ..... the hula hoop is much easier on the Wii (and less embarrassing when at home - reminder to myself and you: don't do this at Target with your 10 year old son... he doesn't find it funny or "cool").

Mama Bell

James (SeattleDad) said...

It would be nice to see the years melt away. Maybe I will have to get one of those someday too.

Casdok said...

Ive been wondering about getting one to. Have fun testing your theory and take a camera!

creative-type dad said...

If that theory were true, I'd be an astronaut.

Video games give you false hope in the real-life superior skills department.

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! said...

I've been contemplating one of those thingies. Anything to make the years "melt away" from my midline!

Crystal said...

LOL. I'm debating on whether to buy one of these. I can't see myself doing "pretend" tennis when I won't even pick up a racket. :)

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