Sunday, May 10, 2009

Green Acres

I've always wanted to plant a garden but I just never seemed to have the space or the time. This year I set aside 8 feet square of space to force me to find the time to plant it. So I guess I'm a farmer now. Which I know is an insult to real farmers world wide but that's what I'm going with.

Here is a picture of my victory garden.
This year, with luck, it will be a pumpkin patch. Strictly for Halloween jack-o-lanterns. The seed package said to plant 3 to 4 seeds per mound and to space the mounds four feet apart. I planted 5 to 6 seeds per mound and squeezed them together as much as I could. I'm going for quantity instead of quality. Actually, I will be happy with anything orange.

My main goal will be to keep our vegetable marauders out long enough to get a harvest. Next on the list is to make an intimidating scarecrow to keep watch over my precious patch.

Along with the pumpkin seeds, I planted a couple other 'surprises' that everyone will have to wait for in the fall.

As the days tick onward I will hopefully have some pictures of something actually growing besides weeds to show. Until then, I have to get my overalls washed and fetch some water from the well. I will let you know when to come over for the barn raising.


orlund said...

Good luck on the garden. I am not much of a gardener so no tips from me about that. However I like math and it looks like you used 2x4's which are 8feet long. That is not 8 square feet that is 8 X 8 = 16 square feet. Your more of a gardener than you think!

James said...

You will be well prepared for an Apocalypse. Save enough for us.

Dad Stuff said...

Orlund: Thanks for the math lesson. I guess I meant to say an 8 foot by 8 foot square. Luckily, my math deficiencies haven't ruined my garden yet, because at
8X8 I still can't come up with 16. Or did you mean 64?

James: If there is any extra on Oct. 31st, I'll roll some your way.

DJ Kirkby said...

If you figure out how to get pumpkins, let me know. N3S and I tried for the past 2 years but only got a plant that tried to take over the whole garden and tiny fruit no bigger than an orange :(

Russell said...

Good luck with your garden! Looks like you have a good start.

Pumpkins are one of my favorite garden crops and there have been years when I raised a lot of them. They do have a tendency to spread over quite an area, but you can easily lift the vines and move them if you are mowing, etc.

Please post pictures of how these pumpkins are doing as they grow! I will be most interested! Best of luck - I am sure you will find it a most pleasant experience!

Take care.

ALF said...

Horray for a garden - that is so much fun!

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