Sunday, September 2, 2007

Summer Over? Never!

I heard from someone that summer is now over. Is summer really over? The temperature still seems like summer. Flowers are still blooming. I'm still mowing the lawn. I'm not ready to release summer from my kung-fu grip just yet. Just because Labor Day has come and gone, doesn't mean I can't still work on my awesome farmer's tan lines. I can still hear cicadas in the trees and I can still walk barefoot in the grass. Oh no, summer is not over yet.

Every year, summer speeds by faster. We never have enough time to do all of the things we want to do. Since we had a record number of ninety degree days this year, we got to swim more than previous years. Both pool and beach. We played baseball and soccer. We got to go to the State Fair. We went to the Mall of America. We went to a Twins game. We rode bikes and played with chalk and bubbles. We went to parades. We did a little fishing and golfing. We visited family in three states. We had a few bonfires with smores in the back yard. We even went camping for the first time as a family. Summer always seems so short. We hardly got to do anything!

If summer fun really is over, what can I look forward to now? Let's see. I can look forward to cold weather and shovelling snow. (Yay! Minnesota!) I guess that also means less mosquitoes. Also, now that the kids are in school, I can try out that napping program I've been developing. But only on my mornings off from work. Maybe, Lady Di and I can do some exercising together. Or maybe a little golf. When the mildly cooler weather comes, I won't have to mow the lawn as much. Plus, I won't sweat a bucket and a half while doing it. We will get to go to high school football games on Fridays, and watch college football on Saturdays, and pro football on Sundays. If you call Vikings football, pro. We have trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch planned. Church suppers will also start filling the calendar. Then comes Halloween, burning leaves, hot chocolate and before you know it, Thanksgiving. Gee, I wish summer wouldn't last so darned long. I never have enough time for my Autumn fun stuff.

But how can school actually be starting already?

Even though summer seemed to go on endlessly, school sneaked up on us again. Let me clarify, school sneaked up on me. Lady Di was ready weeks ago. She not only gathered school supplies from the kids' school lists, she packed their backpacks and had them ready last week.

N1S starts school tomorrow, and Sweet Pea starts in two days. We'll see if we can strap them down for bed tonight. It will be hard for them to sleep, knowing all the fun stuff we have to do, now that summer is finally over.


DJ Kirkby said...

Summer is def over here, our tortoise is begining his hibernation prep. Wah. N3S starts school on Monday, he is only 4 1/2! Doulbe wah! They start too young over here. Of course Lady Di was ready weeks ago, that is what wonderful Mommies like her do. You go girl! Hope Sweet Pea loves school, I am guessing she will.

delightful-d said...

No Way! Summer is NOT over! Not over until I say so! We've got plenty more fun days ahead.....
To me, this day was just the beginning. Like we talked about, it is the beginning of a new chapter for us. Both kids in school, your new schedule, my school, work. It is all good - let's just enjoy the moment, these next few beautiful days, and we'll worry about Fall when the time comes.
Good post LB!

SciFi Dad said...

Since our daughter isn't school aged yet, summer is definitely not over at our house. It'll probably stick around until our annual rite of fall: the "I wanna ride the pony at the harvest fair," until she's actually on the pony, at which point it becomes, "No, no, no."

Oh, and in addition to the quarterback fun, you get two opportunities watching your secondary try and figure out what to do with Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams. (Yeah, I'm an optimist; it's all we Lions fans have left.)

Darren said...

I feel cheated out of ninety-degree days. August seemed kind of cool here. This morning I even saw my breath already. But I don't let go of summer either. I even consider anything over forty degrees warm enough for shorts.

Lex Ham Rand said...

Thanks for the link, Mr. Dad Stuff! Sure FEELS like it's still summer.

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