Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Have a Good Day

This is the first year that both munchkins go to school all day. Number One Son is entering third grade and his sister, Sweet Pea, is attending all day Kindergarten this fall. Is it possible to experience 'empty nest syndrome' before they move out? Whenever the house is empty and quiet, it is just another reminder of how fast they are both growing up. It has been nine years since we haven't had a young one in the house. N1S was just starting school when Sweet Pea was born. Now she will be riding the bus too.

N1S got to start school today. His little sister gets to start her learnin' tomorrow. The bus comes at 6:40am. It is dark when we get up and the sun is just starting to awake up when we go out to wait for the bus. We will need flashlights when winter comes. Even though it was early, N1S got right up and picked up where he left off last school year. He got dressed, ate a cereal bar, brushed his teeth and sat out on the porch to wait. N1S likes routines and this is the exact same order he got ready to last year.

When the bus came, N1S gave the driver some muffins that Lady Di had made the night before. It doesn't hurt to 'grease the wheels' a little at the beginning of the year. We actually do things like that because N1S is more comfortable if he knows people well. Baked goods break the ice and the drivers usually remember him for it. They also appreciate a little pick me up on the first day.

N1S came home after school today with a big smile on his face.
"That was excellent!", he proclaimed, walking up the driveway. This was somewhat unusual. In years past, when we would ask him how his first day was, he would grunt, "OK I guess". Further questioning by Lady Di or myself would glean like answers.
"Do you like your teacher?"


"Did you make any new friends?"


"What are their names?"


"What was for lunch?"

"Ummmmm....I forget."

"Did you really go to school, or just fall asleep in the bathroom until it was time to come home?"

"Ummmmm....I forget."

This year he was really excited coming home from school. I think he was mostly proud of meeting a new friend. People who know N1S, know that he sometimes struggles with initiating and sustaining friendships. He said he met a kid who really likes Harry Potter, and I guess they talked in English accents all day. I'm sure the lunch ladies were impressed. When Lady Di asked N1S his new friend's name, he actually knew it. And he didn't say Dumbledore.

At supper time, it was my turn to ask him about his day. He told me about his friend. He told me what he had for lunch. (mini corn dogs) He even told me about the book that the teacher read to them.

Is this what I can expect from third grade? Is N1S finally turning a corner in his development and/or maturity and paying more attention to his surroundings? Or did he simply have a good day at school. I don't really care why my son had a good day at school. I just care that he had one. I know everyday won't be golden, but I would like to see that most of them are. He is off to a pretty good start.

We also were notified that he was accepted into the accelerated math program at school. N1S loves math and numbers. He likes to figure out different ways to solve problems and rearrange numbers. He doesn't always like to do math homework though. Maybe I can get him to balance the checkbook.

His sister, Sweet Pea was accepted into the accelerated speaking program at her Kindergarten. She will have no problem keeping up with this. She is definitely not the shy one and would love to tell you why. I asked her if she was excited for kindergarten. She said, "Yeah, and we will be getting lunch!" I guess lunch at school for the first time would be cool. She has actually joined her brother for lunch at his school before but I think she really is looking forward to being with her class.

Tomorrow, Sweet Pea invades kindergarten. I can't wait to hear all about her day.


Darren said...

But how cool would it have been if the friend's name really was Dumbledore?

Sounds like a great first day. Maybe by third grade, mine'll talk more too.

Lex Ham Rand said...

Our first day(s) of school went well, too. My N1S is not always comfortable with change or making new friends, but this is year #2 of high school and so he has many of the same friends in most of his classes. He's one of the youngest in his class, so another year of maturity has helped, too. And daughter is in her first year at jr high (changing classes, lockers, etc) and seems to be managing well. Funny, she is usually more chatty but the "new" school is causing her to be more reserved, at least initially.

pixie said...

That was so great to hear. Volcano starts his 2nd year of preschool soon(now he's up to 3 days a week), but I still have another year with the Monkey. Next year, though, she'll be in preschool 2 times a week and he'll be in kindergarten 5 days a week!

*sniff* They grow up so fast!

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