Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kindergarten Already?

Sweet Pea had her first day of kindergarten today. Since the bus arrives at 7:05am, I went into Sweet Pea's room to wake her. "Good Morning, it's time for your first day of kindergarten."

She opened one eye and said, "It's not morning yet."

"Oh yes it is. Let's get up for school.", I coaxed.

"Daddy, can you open my shade, please?"

"OK." As I opened her shade she drowsily slurred, "See Daddy, it's still dark out. It's not morning yet." Our little lawyer.

And thus began the first day of Sweet Pea's quest for knowledge.
Can you believe, the first day of school in her life and she is already trying to sleep in?

A few minutes later she came down for breakfast. With Sweet Pea, sleep can never compete with meals. She seemed to gather strength from her peanut butter and honey toast. Lady Di got her dressed and her hair styled and she was ready for school.

Sweet Pea's best friend rides the same bus to school so she had someone to sit with on the bus. The bus stop looked like paparazzi at Brittney's trailer. Multiple Mom's taking pictures of their kids standing together, standing alone, standing with the dog, walking to the bus, stepping onto the bus and waving out the bus window. Lady Di then jumped into the Van-mobile and followed the bus to school. She was volunteering in the lunchroom today. Even though lunch didn't start until 11:30. I think she just wanted to see that her baby got to school alright.

Anyway, Lady Di watched Sweet Pea get off the bus. With a boy! (I thought I felt a twitch at work) She then walked to her classroom. Lady Di went in to greet the teacher and tell SP to have a good day. As Lady Di turned to walk away, she felt a tug on the back of her leg. Lady Di looked down to see her Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea's sweet blue eyes told Lady Di that she had something important to tell her. Lady Di's eyes began to well as she looked around to see if any other Moms had such precious children who loved their Mommy as much.

"Yes, Sweet Pea?", sang Lady Di.

"Mom, am I having cold lunch or hot lunch today?"

You actually could hear Lady Di deflating. "Hot lunch, dear."

"Thanks, Bye Mom."

So much for a teary Hallmark moment.

We should have known. In the weeks preceding kindergarten, Sweet Pea was always telling every one that she is so excited for snack time at school. I hope she can put that much excitement into her studies. I think she will do just fine. She already has many new friends and loves her teacher. Lady Di and I are going to surprise her, and join her for lunch at her school. I can hardly wait. I hope they don't run out of triangle tater tots.


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Darren said...

Sounds like a great first day. We followed the bus last year too and weren't even volunteering for anything.

Jonathon Morgan said...

Congrats on a good first day! It's been crazy reading all the back-to-school stories...

Makes me wonder what it'll be like in a couple years!

DJ Kirkby said...

Both the pic of N1s and Sweet Pea walking away from the camera on their journey to school made me feel really sad! I am so glad the children here do not have to get on a school bus, I don't know how N3S would have coped witht hat!

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