Thursday, July 29, 2010

Workin' For A Livin'

This summer Number One Son has decided to go into business for himself. And when I say 'decided' I mean we suggested it to him and told him he would. But we did it in a sneaky way.

N1S is always complaining about not having any money to buy the video games he wants. He actually has the money in the bank but once it's in the bank it stays in the bank. So we suggested that he ask our neighbors if they needed someone to mow their lawn this summer.

He made a couple of posters to advertise his newly formed business and put them on the doorsteps of each house next to ours. Our bachelor neighbor next door accepted N1S's terms and employed him immediately.

N1S was pretty excited to start. His excitement quickly changed after a few passes with the mower though. He must have thought that mowing the lawn was easy after watching his dad gleefully dancing up and down the yard performing graceful and acrobatic movements with the mower, creating intricate and dazzling patterns in the lawn, transforming mere grass into works of art. Let's just say that N1S doesn't have the same appreciation for the lawnitary arts that his dad has. He found out the mower is heavy, the air is hot and our neighbor's hills are steep. He's also discovering new muscles he didn't know he had. Those are called work muscles.

But I guess I too lacked enthusiasm for the glamour and privilege of sweating away my summer days pushing a heavy, polluting vibration machine at that age. I can still feel the blister between my ring and middle fingers from pulling the start cord twenty times before flooding the motor. And then I would have to massage my sore shoulder while I waited for the mower to 'rest' until I was able to try starting it again.

In my youth, my dad taught me all the 'tricks' to use when the mower wouldn't cooperate. You had to prime the motor just enough, but not too much. Sometimes I had to take the air filter off with a screwdriver and then use the screwdriver handle to 'tap' out some of the dirt from the filter. When those things failed I would start hitting the mower with the screwdriver handle anywhere I felt the mower would feel the sting the greatest. When that didn't work, I would ram it into a tree or kick it or yell some choice words of encouragement until I exhausted myself.

Then it would usually start with one pull.

In this picture you can clearly see the character being built in N1S.

Not to be outdone was N1S's sister Sweet Pea. When she saw him making his lawn mowing posters, she immediately started to work on her entrepreneurial venture.

She wasn't very excited for mowing lawns so she decided on something more in tune with her interests.

Poor SP has yet to land a paying client. That may be due to how she takes care of her own dog. There are many days when watching iCarly takes a higher priority than a full water dish. I'm also a little suspect of her qualifications when it comes to hamster sitting. Since we've never owned a hamster, what does she think she has to do to take care of one? I suppose she would entertain a hamster for the day by staring at it and petting it. Whatever she has planned, at least her prices are reasonable.

Does anyone need their fish walked?


The Father of Five said...

Hey, just a thought here DadStuff...

Since N1S is borrowing his dad's mower and that "He found out the mower is heavy, the air is hot and our neighbor's hills are steep" - perhaps it's time his dad splurged in one of those mammoth rider mowers... The one with the air conditioned cabs, a dozen drink box holders, and more horsepower that most mid-sized cars...

That would make light work out of heavy mowers, hot air, and steep hills!!

Heck, he could drive it down here and mow MY lawn while he is at it!! (snicker)

Dad Stuff said...

That's the kind of ideas N1S doesn't need to hear!
But we might take you up on your offer to mow your lawn. Adding in milege and drive time, the bill should just about equal a good rider's price.
See you in a week.

Bill said...

That is a great deal! I only wish some of the neighborhood kids would do that around my house! I would even let them use my riding mower! I suppose picking up dog poop and apples would be extra?

Casdok said...

Love it! And if they would like to pop over can you do my lawn and feed my cat :)
V reasonalbe rates!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

They could teach N3S a thing or two! He'd rather ride horses and play his DS than take out the compost and feed the pets. *makes notes*

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