Monday, June 8, 2009

To your mark, splash!

This spring we signed the kids up for the local swim club. They have been practicing and working hard for a few weeks now. Last week, they participated in their first swim meet.

Once again, we were unprepared for the size and scope of one of our kids' events. One hour before the meet, the bleachers were full. We were lucky to squeeze into one space together. Lady Di had to sit on my lap the whole time, but I didn't mind. Add that to the 90% humidity in the room and I pretty much lost 5 pounds sitting for four hours.

We also dropped the ball by forgetting the camera. Although, we wouldn't have been able to free our arms enough to aim it toward the pool anyway.

Each kid was in three races and they finished them all. Number One Son's best race was the 50 meter backstroke where he finished fifth in his heat. Not too bad for his first meet ever. He had one minor mishap in his 50 meter freestyle race. When he dove off of the starter platform at the beginning of the race, his goggles slipped off. But he grabbed his goggles in one hand and swam the race holding them to the end. We were proud of him for adapting and not giving up.

Sweet Pea's best race was the 25 meter freestyle in which she won her heat. Her mishap happened during that race when the clock didn't work to record her time. Although, I'm sure it probably was a record setting effort. After the meet the kids each got a green swimming ribbon for participating. SP then asked if she got something else for her burn.

"What do you mean for your burn?", I asked.

She answered, "Do I get something for winning my burn?"

"Do you mean, for winning your heat?", I prodded.

"Oh yeah, my heat.", she corrected.

Well, she didn't get another ribbon or trophy for her burn, but she did get a bag of Reece's Pieces at the concession stand.
The kids have another meet later this week. Lady Di and I have both signed up to volunteer. LD is in the concession stand and I will be one of the timers. My number one goal, besides remembering when to press the button on my stopwatch, is to not fall into the pool. And I will also bring a camera.


The Father of Five said...

I would think as long as your volunteer, you'll have a place to watch the race from.... (unless the concession stand(s) are not in the pool area, which leaves you back to sharing one seat...

(Which as you observed is not "all bad" (wink))

Good job to your swimmers!

DJ Kirkby said...

Her 'burn'....awwww how sweet! I was thinking of letting N3S have a go at swimming lessons again. The last time was a disaster! He has asked if he can go though (oh actually he did last time too!) and I this post has given me hope for him...

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