Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At The Hop

In the never ending social life of our daughter Sweet Pea, here is yet another dance that she attended. At the tender age of seven, SP has already kicked up her heels at more dances than I had ever attended all through high school.

This most recent soiree was a Sock Hop for the girl scouts. After explaining what a Sock Hop was, she was very excited to start preparations. Because everyone knows that the most important thing about a Sock Hop is, the poodle skirt. And since SP's closet was completely empty of poodle skirts, Lady Di went out and bought a sewing pattern.

I offered to help with my staple gun and wood glue, but was unceremoniously shooed away. Once I was out of the way, Lady Di and Grandma Toni (the golfing grandma) started snipping, pinning, and stitching. Here is the finished product modeled by our own bobby sockser, SP. Here's the poodle in action. Grandma and LD must have done a good job because SP sure gave it a workout. Notice some of the other girl's skirts in the picture giving out on them so they had to rest on the dance floor. Members of the 'Pink Ladies' gang taking a break from hopping. Since this dance was for girls scouts only, there were no 'Thunderbirds' or greasers.

Maybe for next years Daddy/Daughter dance, SP can wear her poodle skirt and I can don my letter jacket from high school, grease my hair back and roll a box of tic tacs in my t-shirt sleeve.


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'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! said...

Adorable! Loved those Girl Scout shin-digs!

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