Friday, June 12, 2009

Invasion of the Barbies

When the kids were younger, Lady Di used to hit all of the summer garage sales in the area. They still are the best places to get baby and toddler clothes. But ever since the kids outgrew those yard sale bargains, we haven't returned to anyone's house to buy their junk.

Until last week that is.

Lady Di was invited by our neighbor to check out a few sales. It had been years so LD said OK.

Here is what she came home with.

Needless to say, LD is now banned from yard sales for awhile. It seems one household was divesting itself of a collection of Barbie clothes, dolls and accessories. It was an entire totefull.

This is a plastic bag full of just shoes, boots,flippers and apparently one cooking pot. Any guesses as to how long Sweet Pea will be able to keep at least one pair of matching shoes together?

Here is one of Sweet Pea's ideas for a snappy outfit for Ken. It fits, but I'm not sure those clothes actually belong to him. Although, it could be from his Miami Vice collection. From the next picture it's easy to tell which outfits are Sweet Pea's favorites. She had a lot of fun with the mermaid tails.

How many mermaid tails did this house really need?

It took about a day and a half to sort through all of the stuff and we had to build a Barbie wing onto the back of the garage to store it all. But at least we are now prepared for any Barbie emergency that might arise. No fashion crisis or wardrobe malfunctions are in our immediate future.

All except for Ken's outfit.


The Father of Five said...

(sorry, I did not mean to scream)

Only one of the girls in our house is a "Barbie Girl"... And that is enough for me!

But.... I dont know how much LD paid for this haul.. But I imagine (given the retail value of this stuff) - she got a TREAMONDOUS deal!

Anonymous said...

Cute post LB!

To FOF: I'd like to think I got a deal. $10! 6 barbies, over 250pieces of clothing, and yes, that bag of shoes, flippers, a pot and various other stuff. Oh and there were 3 packages of brand new, unopened clothing sets for Mary-Kate and Ashley. Those alone (new clothing sets) are $5 or more. I probably overpaid at a garage sale but the Dad running the sale said it was his daughter's stuff and she was getting the proceeds. Not a problem then to pay full price! And did I mention how much fun I've had with Sweet Pea playing? I loved Barbies as a kid... brought back a ton of memories :)

Wife of Dad Stuff

James (SeattleDad) said...

Reminds me of how glad I am to have a boy. lol. No barbies or princesses to deal with. But I'm sure if you have a daughter all that doesn't matter with the first smile.

Lady Mama said...

That IS a lot of Barbie stuff. I would have given my right arm for all those accessories as a girl. And yes, yard sales are deadly. I always arrive home with way too many useless things.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That is funny.

I could totally see that happening in this household, but it would be me coming back with a huge box of Star Wars toys, or Hockey cards.

I'd have to hide them, of course. :)

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