Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gotta Run.

Even though Sunday was cold, windy and rainy, our nephew Kubes (pronounced koobs, not his real name but the nickname of his favorite baseball player) found enough motivation to finish the Twin Cities Marathon. He ran a respectable 4 hours and 5 minutes which was ahead of the average time. I would have trouble beating that time on my bike. It must have been his shaved head that helped him.

Kubes, however, ran tough and was even gracious enough to let a few female runners pass him. That would probably bother most runners, but Kubes is such a gentleman. That was his story anyway.

Lady Di went downtown to be at the finish line to cheer Kubes on. She had never been to a major marathon before so she wasn't ready for the thousands of other spectators with the same idea. Apparently, the finish line is a popular spot to watch a very long road race.
Lady Di started to get a little nervous when she saw a few more mature runners (sixty plus division) finish with no sign of our nephew. Luckily, Lady Di found a good place up front and was in the right place at the right time. Kubes was just walking by close to her and she was able to scream loud enough for him to hear.

Lady Di's plan was to take Kubes out to eat after the race. Little did we know that marathon runners are not very hungry after a big race. In fact, they are not very talkative, are quite weak and spend most of their time catching their breath for some reason. A tearful, Lady Di was giving him major hugs and just about did him in on the second one. He was even too tired to collect all of the freebies that the multiple booths had to give out. Lady Di almost sent him back inside the gate to fill a bag for her. Instead, Lady Di gave Kubes an inspirational sign made by Sweet Pea and drove him to his car. Actually, after running 26 plus miles he had to walk a few more blocks to LD's van and then she drove him to his car. Hopefully, he had enough strength drive himself home.

Congratulations Kubes. We are all very impressed and proud. In fact Lady Di and I are so inspired by your accomplishment, we are going to give training a try. Who knows? Maybe we will join you for next years race. As long as you graciously let us pass.

Pay no attention to the name on the inspirational sign. SP has a hard time spelling Kubes and spent most of her time picking out the right stickers.


orlund said...

Congrats Kubes! Great job on finishing. Just watching runners makes me tired.

James Austin said...

Great job Kubes. I can run a few feet after my kid, that's about ita anymore.

Anonymous said...

Go Kubes! Very inspiring! I am hoping to walk/run a mini in the Spring.

The Father of Five said...
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The Father of Five said...


Did you say 26 + miles??

Wow, I am tired just THINKING about that...

delightful-d said...

Hey Kubes! If you're reading this, congratulations again! We're so proud of you (and all of LB's blog fans are too). Next time when you race, will you get me one of those cool ponchos?
PS: Nice post LB! Way to recreate my day. I wish you could have been with me. Kubes and I missed you. xxoo

creative-type dad said...

Wow! That is quite an accomplishment.

I'm out of breath just thinking about running that far.

Russell said...

I have lots of respect for runners. I ran in track when I was in high school (and had to run around large creatures who were roaming the earth at that time). It is a tough sport but there are people who find it an important part of their lives.

For me, I would rather ride along a trail on a bicycle or - better yet - drive across country roads in my truck! But as I get older I seem to get lazier.

Hearing about those 60 plus runners, well, wow...!

Take care.

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