Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's proof that our season is definitely changing. This week our temperatures took a serious dive into the 30's causing our local foliage to accelerate its fall transition. I took pictures in our yard around mid-September and again in mid-October. This is our maple tree in the front yard. Despite my best pruning efforts over the last few years, it still continues to thrive.

Now you can see the tree's true colors shining through.

We also have a hedge of cranberry bushes and burning bushes.

You can see that some leaves are already starting to turn crimson. Still, they are mostly green.

Now it is a row of orange and red. Even the trees in the background are turning yellow. Below, our fledgling oak tree is getting in on the act. My apologies for the poor photo efforts.

Last, but not least. Here is N1S helping his Grandpa pilot the pontoon this summer.
And here is what the change in seasons has done to him. Some of his 'leaves' seem to have fallen already.
I guess we will have to wait for spring to see things change back again.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. We've been warm this week--nights in the 40s and days up to 70--but I think the frost is coming big time next week.

orlund said...

we already have frost in the morning and a town 30min from her has had snow.

James Austin said...

That is one cool mohawk! Nice pictures too.

Russell said...

Get those rakes ready! Heh!

I live in the country on a hill with lots of wind. So... I have not raked leaves since 1995! I remember raking lots of leaves when we lived in town and burning them. Now people put the leaves in bags.

Fall is my favorite season, but I don't care much for cold weather. Here in Iowa it is getting into the 30s now. At least the stars are bright in the early morning.

Take care.

The Father of Five said...

Looks like N1S is ready to race the pontoon!

Look out Jeff Gordon!

Anonymous said...

Changes indeed! I always dread winter but I love fall.

DJ Kirkby said...

Wow great pics. When did N1S change his hair? I have to say it actually suits him and not many people could pull that look off!

Dad Stuff said...

That was actually his summer haircut.

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