Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Into The Gap

Last week, Sweet Pea had her first grade pictures taken. This is the first year that one of our kids got their school pictures taken while missing teeth. At the end of this summer, one of SP's front teeth got wiggly. Lady Di kept telling her to stop wiggling it. "It needs to stay in for school pictures."

Well, I dare anyone to leave a wiggly tooth alone in their mouth. It is impossible not to exercise your tongue on a tooth that acts like a speed bag in a boxing gym.

Her tooth ended up coming out two weeks before school even started. Followed by her tooth's next door neighbor the next week. So now she can sing, 'All I want for X-mas is my two front teeth.'. I'm sure she'll want more than that for X-mas though.

On the morning of her pictures though, she was as pretty as can be. I got her up and all ready. Then Lady Di corrected what I had done to her outfit and hair.

At school, she received her mandatory school plain black comb. She also asked for another one for her dad. Isn't she sweet? Even though her hair is way too thick for a mere comb and she hasn't seen me use a comb for her entire six years of life, she needed two. So now we can each combine our combs with wax paper for a father daughter kazoo band.
And on an unrelated proud father moment, on Tuesday, Number One Son tried out for the Community Ed. children's play 'Hansel and Gretel'. At work, I joked that N1S was trying out for the part of Gretel. Well, I was close. We got a message from the director on the phone that N1S got the part of Hansel. Lady Di's gasp at the news just about made her inhale the phone. This is N1S's third production, but it is the first with a prominent part. We are all pretty proud of him. I don't know what will be more difficult for him, learning the lines or holding back the 'ham'.


orlund said...

I think the missing teeth make for a cute photo. (As long as she is not missing teeth on her grade 12 grad photos:) )

Anonymous said...

He is too sweet asking for a comb for you as well.

I love pictures with those missing teeth. Too cute!

Russell said...

Often, if not always, these are the BEST school pictures you treasure years later!

If you have not done so already - and I bet you have - be to get one of those special frames for each of your children where you can put in a school picture for each year all the way through high school.

You will be glad you did! Believe me!!

When you are like me and your daughter is in college - and wrapped up in her boyfriend to the total exclusion of parents! - you will sit down and look through the photo albums when they were this age!

And be sure to have a box of kleenix close by!!

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