Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Last week the kids visited Gramma and Grampa for a week. This was Lady Di and my big chance to do something fun. Aside from seeing The Dark Knight at the IMAX, we mostly enjoyed the quiet.

Lady Di actually got a big project completed during our short vacation. She painted Number One Son's room. She really did a good job too. She chose colors that matched his bedspread. Blue, green and orange. She had to include orange because it's N1S's favorite color.

Last year, N1S hinted at wanting his room painted green with a giant Yoda mural on one wall. Lady Di compromised and still used green, but put this on his wall instead.

Needless to say, N1S really likes his room. Although, when he first saw the words, he said, "They're OK, but it should say 'Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away." Then he said, "It's OK, Mom, I'll just tell my friends you're not a very big Star Wars fan." We then double checked our facts and played one of N1S's Star Wars movies. It turns out that Lady Di is a bigger Star Wars fan than N1S thought. She was right, N1S was wrong. The force must have guided Lady Di.

Lady Di had already painted Sweet Pea's room two years ago with her favorite color, yellow. But just so SP wouldn't feel left out, LD included this to her wall above her bed.

Lady Di really knows how to paint. She doesn't enjoy doing it but she knows she has to, to keep me away from a brush. Lady Di paints straight lines. I paint DUI lines. Lady Di uses smooth brush and roller strokes. I like to put diagonal to random patterns in the paint. Lady Di keeps paint off of the trim molding. I end up with 'Spiderpig' footprints on the ceiling and paint drips where paint drips shouldn't be.

So as long as Lady Di keeps transforming plain boring walls into warm, vibrant rooms, I will let her. And if she ever needs a splatter pattern or a big thumbprint on the wall, I'll be there.


The Father of Five said...

Actually, that is pretty darn cool!!

What a totally awesome idea!!

Russell said...

I actually like the way your wife did the Star Wars lead in BETTER! Heh! It seems to flow better that way she phrased it.

Stop by my post and pick up your award! Heh! I nominated your blog for one of my favorite blogs! Well deserved, too, I might add!

Practically Joe said...

Came over from Dorky Dad to check you out. I like it how you got your wife to do the painting. That "I can't paint and spill it everywhere even on the ceiling" story really works for you. Very impressive!

Casdok said...

Very impressed!

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