Saturday, December 1, 2007

How Much for One Tooth?

Sweet Pea reached another milestone this week. She lost her first tooth. She had been wiggling and twisting it for about two weeks. By the end it was literally hanging by a thread. Lady Di was too squeamish to pull it out for her. Number One Son suggested tying her tooth to the back of the van and flooring it. As I was getting the floss and brick ready to throw over the deck rail, Sweet Pea got a napkin and pulled her tooth out herself.

It surprised all of us. Most of all, Sweet Pea. She was beaming with her first toothless grin ear to ear. Lady Di and I both jumped off of the couch and raced for the camera. Sweet Pea skipping after us. We quickly got the picture. We were concentrating so much on the tooth we didn't notice all of the mandarin orange on her face from lunch. Oh well, they're not kids if they're not messy most of the time. Regardless, we hosed her off and re-shot the event.

Sweet Pea then started negotiating with the Tooth Fairy. "How much money will the Tooth Fairy bring me?", she asked.
She usually brings a dollar at our house.
"Is that all?", she stated in disbelief.
"Sometimes the Tooth Fairy takes extra teeth while you sleep, when someone asks the question, 'Is that all?'.", I warned.

She didn't buy that. Now Lady Di and I have to be vigilant and remember to 'cover' the Tooth Fairy. There were a few times that we had to send Number One Son back to his room to 'recheck' under his pillow when it slipped our minds the night before.

Anyway, Sweet Pea was pretty excited. She feels even more grown up now. Most of her friends have lost multiple teeth already. She ran up the long distance bill calling her grandparents and auntie and now she has a lot to talk about at Kindergarten on Monday.

For the record, the price for first teeth has apparently jumped to two dollars.

Post Script:
My favorite proofreader pointed out that I missed a very important part of the story. At our house, we don't leave a naked tooth under the pillow. I wouldn't want the tooth to get lost in the bed only to show up three weeks later. That would cause too many questions, investigations and inquiries. Years ago the kids' great-grandma Ollie made a tooth pillow with a small pocket in the back to house the wayward tooth. It's fun for the kids, very functional and gosh darned cute too.

Thanks Great-Grandma Ollie.


The Father of Five said...

How odd..

On MANY instances over the years the tooth fairy has missed our house too...

The kids were reminded that the tooth fairy could have been very busy that night, or maybe she ran out of dollars (She brings a dollar to our house too... What a jip - She only brought me a quarter).

We remind the kids to keep the tooth under the pillow in hopes that she is not too busy the next night..

Only a couple of times, it was the third time that was the charm!

lkc_lai said...

Sweet Pea looks happy even lost her first tooth.

She is growing up and she will be very beautiful in future.

Best regards


creative-type dad said...

$2! Wow, the tooth fairy must be doing well with her hedge funds these days.

When I was a kid, I got a quarter.

SciFi Dad said...

$2? In American dollars, I assume? At least up here, she uses the highly valued Canadian dollar (you know, the one that has been gaining ground in currency markets). Hmm.

(And, I'm a fair man. Your boys took us over their knee today. What else can I say?)

Above Average Joe said...


Yes, I was told by Mrs. Joe to put $5 under the pillow.

Don't ask me.

Darren said...

My wife'll probably write a check.

Clare's been waiting for about a year to lose a tooth but nothing yet. We should get one of those tooth pillows though.

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