Friday, December 7, 2007

Do,Do,Do,Do,Doot, You Can Clip It

As if we didn't have enough snow already, the weather man is predicting yet another snow storm for this week. Three snow storms in the first week of December? I guess we are in for a long winter this year. Even though we are measuring snow in feet instead of inches, the kids wanted to make snowflakes today. Actually, they were bored and driving me crazy so I gave them a project to do to keep them busy. The great thing about having kids who are nine and five years old, is that they can use scissors by themselves. I was even able to teach Number One Son how to fold the paper for his little sister.

The one drawback to cutting out paper snowflakes is the snowflake confetti generated by rapid and wild clipping. I do have to give a large amount of credit to Sweet Pea for her idea to move the kitchen garbage can to their work table and cut her scraps directly into the can. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that.

She also decorated a few of her flakes with jewels for extra sparkle. Girls sure like bling.

N1S decided he wanted to adorn his Mom's Christmas present with one of his snowflakes. It's cheaper than bows and looks much nicer. I know Lady Di will love it.

Both kids were creative and seemed to have fun. And the best part was they went an hour and a half without fighting. We had Christmas music going and that made the afternoon nice. Dad seems to like simple (cheap) projects that are still fun and just challenging enough to entertain both kids.

The finished products are being displayed on the tree. If the kids do more this week, we will fill the windows. At the end of the year I won't mind shovelling these snowflakes.


pixie said...

Cute snowflakes! But still *jealous* of your snowfall -- still none yet here in Oregon! Wah!

Above Average Joe said...

You are correct. An hour plus with no fighting would be the best part.

ALF said...

so cute!

Found your site from djkirkby's - just stopped by to say hi!

creative-type dad said...

Great idea!
I'll have to try something like that instead of busting out the Wii

Darren said...

I think we've been getting your snow leftovers. We've had more ice than snow though.

The snowflakes look great.

Val Cox said...

beautiful tree! The handmade kid ornaments are always the best ones!

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