Friday, October 12, 2007

Under the Knife

As some of you know, I had injured my knee a couple weeks back with a torn meniscus. Last week, I was lamenting upon my poor state of affairs and listing all of the things I couldn't do while limping around the house. I was feeling sorry for myself.

My lamenting is at an end. On Tuesday, I went in for surgery to repair my pesky meniscus. We had to hurry up and wait quite a bit. We had to arrive at 8:45am for a 10:45 procedure. The extra two hours were used by multiple doctors and nurses to each ask who I was, why I was there, and if I had eaten anything since last night. I guess they didn't want me to secretly eat a gauze pad while I starvingly waited in my paper gown.
I discovered something new in hospital gown technology while I waited. They now have a gown warming system called Bair Paws. It basically is an oval shaped unit, about the size of a dessert plate, mounted to the wall. A long vacuum tube is attached to the unit. You then insert the other end of the tube into a hole in your hospital gown. The ready made hole in the gown looks exactly like the opening of a vacuum bag. Once you are hooked up, you turn on the heat. It acts like a weak hair dryer and sends warm air up your skirt. It worked pretty well since the pre-op and operating rooms were so frigid. I can remember my grandmother having a similar hair drying system at home. With her unit, the tube would connect to a shower cap like thing and inflate it with warm air like a Jiffy Pop pan on your head.

In pre-op I got hooked up with an IV. I waited patiently for my sticker for being brave, but none was offered. The anesthesia was administered and I don't remember leaving the room. I woke up just before noon and, as was the case last time, I was starving. I got my saltines and cranberry juice cocktail. They were so good, I had to have seconds. Lady Di then waited with me in recovery for another forty-five minutes or so before they gave me the go ahead to skedaddle. I had to use the bathroom first and I couldn't believe why I had to go so bad. All I had had to drink since last night were two small cups of cranberry juice. I voided enough to fill an IV bag. Then I remembered, "Oh yeah. The IV".

Now I get to rest my knee and limp around the house like Igor. I've been reading, sleeping and watching TV. I am bored out of my skull. I tried to watch Sweet Pea play chalk in the driveway. I have a few more days of recovery before I can do that again. My life now revolves around ice and how much I can put on my grapefruit sized knee.

Lady Di has been great as my at home nurse. She has been keeping up with the house and kids in spite of my handicap. I'm just trying not to be too much of a bother. The kids even seem to know that their Dad needs some help. They are doing more things on their own and helping Lady Di a lot. I hope they continue that after I have recovered.

Well, my knee is telling me that I have sat at the computer long enough. Time to ice and think of something a little more interesting for next post.


Casdok said...

Oh poor you. I have had some ops on my leg so i know what its like, and to deal with the kids aswell!
Good luck!

The Father of Five said...


Sounds Painful...

There is something about surgery involving joints (knees, hips, shoulders, etc) that just seem like they are so painful.

Well, here's some good wishes to your speedy recovery. And, until you are recovered, be sure to "milk" it for all it's worth! If your house is anything like ours, I'd say you deserve it!

"Good Luck" Dad Stuff!

Darren said...

Good luck with the recovery.

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