Monday, October 29, 2007

Hop on the Wagon!

As if Sweet Pea wasn't busy enough with Kindergarten, gymnastics and piano lessons, now she has joined a Girl Scout troop. She is thrilled with her new endeavor. Lady Di is trying to find the 25th and 26th hour of the day to get everything in.

Her troop has been active from the start. One of the scout leaders hosted a get to know you picnic and bonfire at their residence in September. Since then, the girls have visited a corn maze and have gone on a hayride. Sweet Pea earned her first patch for the corn maze.

Last week, her troop went to a local farm for a hayride. Sweet Pea loves horses, so this was very exciting for her. Lady Di was the fortunate one to get to go with her. So they bundled up in heavy coats and stylish hats. Well, Sweet Pea had a stylish hat. They arrived at the farm around 6:30pm. Our little cowgirl ran to join her troop members who were already there. Eventually, all twelve girls arrived and were peeping back and forth like a dozen fuzzy chicks. As they all piled on the wagon, the owner warned them not to pet the horses. Which was disappointing to Sweet Pea, but I guess they didn't want a runaway wagon with twelve ponytails flying into the woods.

The hayride lasted an hour and forty five minutes. Which got to be a little long for some of the girls. The farmer had a roaring bonfire ready for them at the end of the ride. The girls were so tired they all half heartedly ate one smore, and were ready to leave. If you know Sweet Pea, you know that she usually starts with a half dozen smores before we have to start hiding the marshmallows and graham crackers.

The girls made it home late with bonfire smoke in their hair, but they had a lot of fun. It looks like Sweet Pea is in a pretty good girl scout troop. They definitely are active. She has also found yet another place to make friends. I hope she sticks with scouting and I hope I can go with her on a few of her outings in the future.


creative-type dad said...

Sounds like a fun time.

I don't think I've ever eaten just one smore. Isn't that illegal?

Casdok said...

Lovely photos.

DJ Kirkby said...

I think it is just incredible how much Sweet pea resembels Lady Di!

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