Saturday, October 6, 2007

South Dakota Vacation

This weekend we gave Lady Di a break from us. The kids and I went to South Dakota to visit my folks. Lady Di was in charge of a fund raiser for Number One Son's school and she had to work there on Saturday. I can't recall when Lady Di has had a weekend at home to herself. She will either love it or go stir crazy.

This weekend was also my Mom's birthday. The kids each made her cards and we gave her a gift certificate to a local store. We gave the cards to her a day early because we just couldn't wait. The next morning, the kids sang Happy Birthday to Gramma just before lunch. Fifteen minutes later we sat down to lunch and couldn't find Grampa anywhere. The car was gone and so was he. We started to eat anyway. He showed up about ten minutes later. We asked him where he went. He suspiciously said, "Oh, just an errand I had to run."

Immediately, Gramma said, "You had to buy a card, huh?"
Number One Son and Sweet Pea instantly looked up from their food, wide eyed. They saw Grampa's face turn pink as he was trying not to smile, assuring his guilt. Sweet Pea then asked in her sing-song girlie voice, "Grampa, did you forget Gramma's birthday?"
You just can't slip anything past her.

We had a really nice weekend. It could have been better if I hadn't strained my knee last week. I twisted my knee while trying to save orphans from a burning building. I mean, I was showing Sweet Pea my advanced gymnastic routine when I caught my ankle on the basketball hoop and twisted........Oh, all right! The truth is, I over extended my knee putting in a shelf at work. That somehow doesn't sound as heroic. Grampa got to golf with the kids while I rode along in the golf cart and held up the 'Quiet Please' sign. This was SP's first time golfing on a real golf course. Once I explained that she can't dig a hole in the green with her putter, she was fine. N1S had quite a few good shots and is a very good putter. He may need to teach Grampa a few putting tips.

Anyway, I had an MRI done this week and I have a torn meniscus. I get to meet with the orthopedic to schedule a procedure to fix the tear. The same thing happened to my other knee a year and a half ago. I guess I just have weak meniscuses.

Besides walking around in constant pain, the real bummer is that I can't do the normal things I do with the kids. The weather, lately, has been perfect for walks, bike rides, and yard work. I haven't been able to do any of it. I wanted to help Sweet Pea with her cartwheels this week. I wanted to help Number One Son with his football class this week. A knee injury is never convenient, but it seems this week couldn't have been worse.

The up side is that after the knee is fixed, it should only be a couple days of recovery and it will be as good as new. That's what happened a year and a half ago anyway. I should be able to get it fixed next week. Then a few days of recovery and then 'watch out fun!' I will get to mow and winterize the lawn, blow out the sprinkler system, rake some leaves and take down the window screens. Wait a minute. I think I had it better when I was incapacitated.

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