Saturday, August 1, 2009

Run, Fat Boy, Run

Today I tried something that I have never done before. I ran in my first 5K road race. Although, my pace wouldn't probably qualify as racing. It was more like finishing with character. I only have to shave nine minutes off my time for next year's race to compete for the top prize.

I already know one thing I can do to save around 15 to 20 seconds. I can learn to operate my I-pod. When it was time to line up on the road for the race, I turned on my I-pod, got my playlist up and ready, then searched for the stopwatch feature. As I was in the middle of finding my stopwatch, the horn blew and everyone but me took off. Somewhere in the next ten seconds, I pressed the wrong button, sending me in what seemed like the opposite direction from stopwatch. After five more seconds of fumbling, I looked up to see nine-tenths of the runners rapidly getting smaller in the distance. So I just hit play for music and tried to catch up.

Since the first mile of the race was on the highway, we had to stay to the right to stay out of traffic. Also, it seems, that the back of the pack is where many runners like to run in groups, almost daring me to venture into oncoming traffic to pass them on the left.

After making the turn to start mile number two, the crowd stretched out more and allowed for more room to run. This is where I remembered Sweet Pea's advice before the race. She said, "At the beginning, just jog. Then when everyone else is tired, you can run fast." So I kicked it into turbo and started passing people. A little voice in the back of my head said I usually don't run this fast this early when I train. But that voice was so far back by now that I couldn't hear it.

When we turned the corner on mile number two to head for home, I was in a pretty good rhythm and not breathing too hard. Then mile number two and a half came. My legs started saying, "Remember when you were telling us to pass all of those runners a mile back?" And my lungs were also protesting, "We've given you all we've got, Captain! We canna change the laws of physics!" My pride shouted back, "I've got to have more power!"

Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to finish my first 5K without walking, my I-pod, sensing my peril, stepped in and recharged my dilithium crystals with an adrenalin pumping song. (Too many Star Trek references?) I got the help I needed from Mr Jon BonJovi with his thoughts about a young lady he once knew, who shot him through the heart and gave love a bad name. I also couldn't wait to see how excited Number One Son and Sweet Pea were going to be at the finish line.

Jon was able to run with me past the three mile sign and turn the corner to see Sweet Pea and Lady Di clapping, jumping and cheering me on. I gave SP a high five on the way by. Number One Son was waiting for me at finish line to catch my time on the clock for posterity.
I probably finished somewhere in the middle of the pack which is fine with me. I got a T-shirt, a bag of coupons, an apple and a bottle of water. I had to share the apple and water with both kids and share the coupons with Lady Di though.

The best part is now Lady Di and I are both anxious to run another 5K race. There is another local race at the end of the month. Maybe we can get Kubes to give us some pointers for the next race. For now LD and I will see if we can push each other to train for that and maybe improve a little. A little being nine minutes or more.


Anonymous said...

Great job today! You did awesome! :)


The Father of Five said...

Awesome!! Isn't it great when you reach out and do something you wouldn't normally do, and the succeed!?!!

Isn't always the "good dads" who give up their victory prizes for their family?!?!

DJ Kirkby said...

Well done you! Didn't LD run this race last year? Love the pics of the kids looking soooo interested...

Dad Stuff said...

Thanks LD, FOF and DJ. Actually, LD ran the Turkey Trot last Thanksgiving.

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