Monday, February 9, 2009

The Birds and the Bees and Girl Scouts

Recently, Lady Di and Sweet Pea had an interesting conversation on their way to their girl scout meeting.

From the back seat, SP asked, "Mom, did it hurt you when I was born?"

Not wanting to scare SP, Lady Di replied, "Not too much."

"Did it hurt when you had N1S?", she pressed.

Since N1S came cesarian, LD said no.

Then came, "How did N1S come out?".

LD was honest with SP and said the doctor had to cut an opening in her and let him out that way because he was so small and early. Starting to sweat, LD hoped that would be the end of the questioning. But SP had one more question to go.

"Where did I come out?", she innocently queried.

As LD was formulating what to say in her head, they arrived at the girl scout meeting. "We're here!", LD exclaimed, hoping her excited tone would make SP forget her question.

SP wouldn't be sidetracked, though. With all the confidence in the world, she stated, "That's OK Mom, I know where I came out. I came out of your B-U-T.", she spelled.

Lady Di hastily said, "OK, time for girl scouts.", and left it at that.
I'm sure glad LD didn't say, "We'll ask Dad when we get home."

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Jon D (Graco) said...

Those birds & bees sure can make us parents fidget, can't they?
Sounds like you dodged a bullet - this time.

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