Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hungry Like the Wolves

Sweet Pea concluded her soccer season with an evening soccer jamboree. It consisted of all of the teams getting together to receive their medals, t-shirts and in SP's case, a little stuffed wolf. Since her team's nickname was the wolves, her coaches got clever with a going away gift.

After the awards ceremony, which ended with a half dozen parents clapping and taking pictures, and one last team 'howl' we ventured over to the 'jamboree'. The jamboree included multiple fire trucks to climb in, around and through. The local K-9 unit from the sheriff's department was on hand to answer questions about Sabre, the German Shepard police dog.

A couple of booths sold t-shirts and ice cream treats, which I wickedly denied my children. They were pretty well behaved though, so we went to TCBY afterwards. Besides, the booth didn't have any blueberry swirl.

The evening culminated with a drenching of all of the young soccer stars with the fire hose. Both kids got soaked.

N1S decided he was wet enough and wanted to dry out. I told him to run around until he was dry.

"Run where?", he asked.
I pointed and said, "Run until you stop and come back."

I should have known that you don't tell a kid with Asperger's to run without specifying a turnaround point. That poor kid ran to the very end of two and half soccer fields until the BMX bike track stopped him, where he stood and watched the races until SP and I came to get him.


Greg said...

Looks like SP had lots of fun playing soccer. I can't even imagine the day my daughter is old enough to join soccer, tennis (if mom has her way), of any other sport!!

The Father of Five said...

Great story! Very cute...

It reminds me of "Angles in the Outfield" when Coach Knox is helping coach the group of "Sandlot" baseball players, and he tells the littlest one (who is on base) to "run home" after a particularly good hit. The little boy rounds the next base - and instead of running to HOME PLATE (where George wanted him to run) - the Little boy kept repeating "Run Home, Run Home, Run Home" - and he ran to HIS OWN HOME...

That part of the movie always puts a smile to my face... As did yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! We have had a similar experience. You have to be so careful what you say. Everything can be taken literally.;) Great picture.

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