Saturday, July 5, 2008

Easy Come, Easy Go

Last week, in a moment of parental weakness, Lady Di and I were hoodwinked into giving Number One Son permission to get a Mohawk haircut. Well, a week and a half later the Mohawk is no Mo.

Sweet Pea thought it was way cool.

Dad thought it was kinda cool and would be OK for the summer.

N1S thought it was cool at first and enjoyed the extra attention from friends and family, but eventually forgot he even had it.

Lady Di liked to rub her hands on N1S's buzzed sides.

But in the end, the Mohawk just wasn't our little boy.

First of all, we couldn't find a gel strong enough to stand his hair up. So it just laid on its side and looked like a giant fuzzy caterpillar resting on top of N1S's head which diminished his rocker vibe. Which brings me back to who N1S is. He is not a rocker. He is a very polite thoughtful boy. He likes to ride his bike, play chess and watch Star Wars movies. He likes to ride his skateboard a little bit, and likes to pretend to be cool by saying 'Dude' every once in a while. He can't seem to keep a straight face when he says it though. He doesn't put up his pointer and pinkie fingers in the 'rock on' sign and stick out his tongue. He's not a slacker, unless it's time for piano practice. He's just a nice kid.

So perhaps letting him have a Mohawk made him realize that it's just not that big of a deal, and maybe he won't ask for another one for a long time. Mom and Dad are hoping that is the case.

He now just has a regular summer buzz cut.

Hopefully, he will not think that he has to up the ante to a piercing or tattoo of some sort next summer. His fear of shots at the doctor will likely discourage him from those.

Now, it seems, we have our old son back at least for one more summer. And his Mom can still rub his head when she wants to.


Chris said...

Now that cut will truly be a "cool" cut for the summer!

Anonymous said...

I love it! He looks good with both cuts. I am glad you let him go for it. Then, he was able to realize what he likes better. No harm done. Very cool.

Greg said...

I must say that I did not enjoy the thought of a bald head until I ran a half marathon. Then I loved it and have not grown hair back since. That was 4 years ago.

Is is stereotype to be a bald headed, big body build jailer?

Darren said...

I like the buzz too. I used to get that in the summer when I was about his age.

stepping over the junk said...

That was one cool mohawk. I have to say, I always wanted to have a boy just so I could give him a buzz cut. My girls would not appreciate having that done.

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