Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Movie Sunday

Super Sunday came and there was much excitement and anticipation at our house. Well, Number One Son and myself were excited. Sweet Pea and Lady Di, not so much. After church, we literally had several hours to wait for the game, so we put in a movie to watch. Which movie did we watch? Only the best movie to ever come out of the eighties.

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Cool, I know. I loved the Indiana Jones movies as a kid and wanted to relive some of my youth. I also wanted N1S to experience the Jones movies to get caught up in case he wanted to see the new one coming to theatres soon. And if he does want to see the new release, I know someone who will want to see it with him.

To me, the Indiana Jones movies are perfect for a nine year old boy and a thirty eight year old boy. Even Sweet Pea eventually got into it. I did have to warn them both that there was some shooting and bleeding, but it was not real and they are only actors. I forgot to warn them about the men with melting faces at the end of the movie. It's OK because Sweet Pea said she closed her eyes for that part. Number One Son only said it was 'Cool!'

When the movie was over Sweet Pea was excited to tell Lady Di all about her favorite part.

"I liked the part when Junie B. Jones found the snake in the airplane.", she related. That actually was the third time she had referred to Indy as Junie B.

Oh well, I'm just glad she sat still for two hours. And she did enjoy much of the movie. Maybe I will be able to take two kids to the theatre this spring.

The movie ended just in time for pizza before the big game.
For the record, N1S predicted the Patriots to win 9 to 6.
SP forcast the Patriots to win 6 to 1.
I guessed the score to be 32 to 13 in favor of the Patriots.
I guess we were 0 for 3 on who won, but the kids were definitely closer to the final score than I was.


Charlie Blockhead said...

Unfortunately Raiders Of The Lost Ark is no longer the #1 movie of the 80's...that prize has now been given to Say Anything. Sorry.

Marla said...

I know you love love love all these guy movies but please get some "girly" movies for little Sweet Pea soon! Try Ella Enchanted or The Princess Bride! Movie night sounds like a great family time!

justlori2day said...

Another MN parent! I love it!!!

Thanks for popping by, and yes, keep the camera ready, you just never know what those undergarments will do! hehehe

I have several pictures through various stages of Jadons life with underwear, pullups, and now of course, bra's on his head!

I cant wait to see what my man Harrison has up his sleeve now! Im sure the techno has gotten amazingly better in the past 20 years! :)


ALF said...

You must teach Sweet Pea that 1 is the only impossible score in football.

Darren said...

A movie with Indy and Junie B. Jones would be a great parody. She'd have to narrate it of course.

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