Friday, February 29, 2008

Refill Please

Last weekend, we took the whole family to the local theatre to see the movie, The Waterhorse.

We loaded up the family van, withdrew the kids' college fund from savings and headed for the cineplex. We were right on time, so Lady Di took the kids in to the theatre while I got the popcorn and root beer. The clerk asked if I wanted butter on the popcorn. My brain said, "Heck, yeah! Just fill the bucket 1/4 full with yellow heaven and let the popcorn settle down into it."

But my cardio system screamed, "We're going on strike, if you do."

The heart won the argument, so with dry popcorn and cold root beers in hand, I searched for my family. Number One Son was sent out to find me and lead me to the correct screen. One half hour later, I was holding an empty bucket and two kids pointing to their empty, open mouths. Lady Di looked over at me and shrugged her shoulders. She also held up a cup and shook the unaccompanied ice in it.

So Dad was off to the concession stand for a refill. That is one good thing about the theatre. This time, when they asked butter or not, I said to myself, "Since I am making this trip and missing some of the movie, I deserve a little butter."

"Load it up", I said and went to get a root beer refill.

As I walked back to our movie, I tried to eat all of the 'wet looking' kernels so the family wouldn't notice the grease increase in the bucket.

It must have worked because nothing was said and another bucket disappeared.

We all enjoyed the movie. Sweet Pea was a little sad at the end but made it through OK.

Both kids sat still throughout and that pretty much is the highest rating we give kid movies. The Waterhorse gets our four greasy thumbs up.


samokdaddy said...

I wish our kids were old enough to take to a movie. Right now they can't sit still long enough for a commercial, much less anything else.

Oh buddy, that popcorn sure sounds good.

Marla said...

Sounds like fun! I too like the soggy pop corn. We have begun making it at home with Olive Oil and that is yummy too. So...were you really lost or lost in eating all that popcorn? We loved that movie. Did you get to see any of it?

DJ Kirkby said...

N3S adored Waterhorse. They don't sell rootbeer in the theatres here...wah!

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