Sunday, August 5, 2007

Potter time!

Last weekend N1S and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. N1S has never been this excited to see a movie. Even his all time favorite movie, Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith, didn't generate this much begging and pleading. Two weeks ago I finally promised to take him to see it. He has never counted down the days so intensely. He was using math and everything. He was counting down the days every which way. How many days left, how many past, how many even numbered days left. He didn't even count this much for his birthday, summer vacation or Christmas. I also got a lot more chores out of him. It's amazing how the right motivation will inspire a child.

So the magical day finally arrived. "Which time are we going to, Dad?", he asked. "Because it shows at 12:00 and 1:00 and 3:45 and 5:15 and 7:10 and 9:05. Do you want to know the times of five other theaters in our area?", he excitedly offered.

We chose the 1 o'clock show. Then he said, "It's at the IMAX, right?" I tried, half-heartedly, to convince him to see it on a regular sized screen to save a few bucks, but N1S knew what he wanted. He wanted IMAX, and he wanted a 3-D experience. Just like the television commercial told him. I guess I kinda wanted 3-D too.

I have to say, it was worth it.

The big screen and the 'seat vibrating' speakers were great. The last 20 minutes of the movie was in 3-D, and that was pretty cool too. There was a lot of flying, falling and breaking stuff. I told N1S that he could tell me if he got too scared. The only scary part for him was when Harry and Cho kissed. N1S reached over to cover my eyes. He jumped once in his seat but he told me it wasn't scary. Just too loud. We both thought the movie was great. I wished some of the action scenes at the end would have been longer. The book is pretty long so the film just briefly touches on most of the themes. The movie would have been quite long if the whole book was used. I guess they always want to leave you wanting more.

And N1S wanted more. As we walked out of the theater, N1S asked if we could buy tickets for the next showing. He wanted, not only to see it again, but to see it again now. I told him I'd have to save up some more money and maybe in a few months I could afford another IMAX movie. The popcorn alone costs as much as a steak in a regular restaurant.

I suppose now I will have to deflect the countless requests for Harry Potter merchandise. Things like the Harry Potter action figures, legos, cereal, pajamas, cologne, arthritis balm, etc. We have the books and I think that is enough for now.

It's pretty rare that we get to see two movies in two weeks, but I guess this was special. Who knows when we will get the chance to see a Harry Potter movie again? In a year or two I suppose.


Darren said...

I saw it this week too. I also liked it, but it did seem like a few important things were missing.

lkc_lai said...

Dear LB

Good morning to you. Is it Harry potter damn great. I think I should watch it also. i also do not know when it is the last time I went to cinema. It should be past 3 years with danish mum.

I think at the moment just buy the vcd and watch at home. Bring danish to cinema....he will make noise only.


best regards

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds amazing! It was interesting reading about some displays of Autistic Spectrum behaviour from your N1 as I havent really come accorss any of this in your posts before. My N3 adores numbers too, finds a lot of comfort in them.

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