Friday, August 10, 2007

Emeryisms Part Two

Little Sweet Pea may only be five years old, but she has talked enough to pass right by her nine year old brother. I sometimes ask her if her mouth ever gets tired. It's no wonder that she says yes. One of the benefits of having a talkative child is enjoying the clever, funny things she says. I don't have a particular story, but here are a few of her most memorable utterances.

As we were driving past a lake, her brother Ethan said, "Look at all the algae on that lake."
Emery authoratively answered with, "No Ethan. It's allergy on the lake."

While reading a book about jobs, we came across a page about a beekeeper. Emery asked what a beekeeper does. "A beekeeper keeps bees and takes their honey to sell", I replied. "Oh, do they squeeze the bees?", she inquired.

We also read a different story about bees pollinating flowers. Emery asked why the bees liked flower polish.

We were attending a retirement party for a friend of ours who was a nurse. Ethan asked, "What does O/B mean?"
Emery answered, "Obi-Wan Kenobi."

When Emery was told there would be no snack tonight before bed, she wailed, "But I only got none!"

Emery said, "When I grow up I don't want to have any babies. I only want two kitties and a possum."

On a recent road trip, Emery saw a lot of mordacycles.

Emery's, Uncle Tom, had some wiring chewed up by mice at his house over the winter. Emery said, "Maybe the wires were yellow and the mice thought they were made of cheese."

The names of the three fish, Emery has had as pets. 1. Scraps 2. Nellie 3. Lovable Heart. Unfortunately all three fish are no longer with us.

When playing with Ethan's slot car race track, she got mad when Ethan had her 'troller'. (controller).

I was telling Sweet Pea that it was late and we had to go indoors for bed. She said, "Yup. The crickets are cricking."

At the supper table we were discussing what to be when we grew up. Emery said, "When I grow up, I want to sell watermelons."

Sweet Pea often has trouble staying in bed at bedtime. After the 34th time of telling her to go back to bed, in frustration she calls out, "I just don't know how to sleep."

When explaining what to do if you are on fire, she said, "First, stop, drop and roll. Then get the fire exstinglicker."

Emery observed Ethan's swim trunks as he jumped into the water and yelled, "Inflatable pants!" I think she got that one from a cartoon.

That's all I can remember for now. If I can remember to write things down when she says them, I can usually get a few pages per week.


Darren said...

Those are great. I love the Obi-Wan Kenobi one.

Lex Ham Rand said...

So funny.

My daughter used to say the word "chim-dee" for "chimney." Here is how our conversations about her pronunciation used to go:

Lexdottir: "Santa Claus comes down the chim-dee!"
Lex Ham Rand: "Chim-NEEE. Santa Claus comes down the chim-NEEE. Now you say it."
LD: "Chim-dee. Chim-DEE. CHIM-DEE!!!!"
LHR: "How do you say this?" (Pointing to my knee"
LD: "Knee!"
LHR: "So say "Chim""
LHR: "Say "knee""
LHR: *sigh*
LD: "Daddy funny!"

creative-type dad said...

"do they squeeze the bees?"


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