Friday, March 5, 2010

Blast Off!

Last week, Number One Son's school had a dress up week to break the winter doldrums. They hosted PJ's Day, Hawaii Day, Career Day and a couple others I don't remember. Both kids have these mini celebrations every year. They always happen in the winter too. Forcing the kids to wear hula skirts, pj's or any other warm weather clothing in the middle of the coldest part of the winter. I also have had enough of mismatched clothes day. The reason for this is that wacky hair day seems to always tag along. And Sweet Pea's hair adds a good hour and a half sculpting time in the morning on that day. This picture is from either last year or two years ago.
But this dress up week was just like any other except for two things that made it special. Firstly, since N1S is in fifth grade, this might be one of his last mid-winter themed weeks before he becomes 'too cool' to participate. The second memorable aspect is N1S's choice for Career Day. He chose to go to school as a pharmacist, just like his dad. As a dad, the most important duty I have is to guide our children to be safe, confident and prepared for life on their own. It was so heartwarming to know that N1S thought enough of his dad to want to follow in his footsteps. I would certainly be proud if either or both of our kids decided on a career in the medical field.

But I know N1S. And I know that pharmacy isn't really his 'first favorite' choice.

I prodded, "Are you sure their isn't another career that you would like to be tomorrow?"

"Well, I really would like to be a rocket scientist.", he confessed.

"Even better", I thought. And the costume is almost the same as a pharmacist.

I borrowed N1S a white smock and Lady Di, who always has the best ideas, accessorized.
Here he is contemplating thrust, trajectory and Klingons.

Lady Di even created an official NASA identity badge.

Wearing a tie was N1S's idea. I helped him tie it that morning before going to work. He said, "Just like Dad.", which made it very hard not to hug him just then. So I did.

I picked him up after school and he seemed to be in a sour mood. I asked him how school was. He said, "I don't want to talk about."

"Is everything OK?", I questioned. I could tell he was fighting back tears.

"I spilled tacos on your white coat.", he whispered.

"Just like Dad.", I reassured.

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DJ Kirkby said...

Oh what a beautiful post. I'm so glad you hugged him and very glad to hear that his taco stains matched yours. N3S dressed up for the first time ever for World Book Day this year.

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