Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Ready For My Closeup.

We recently were the recipients of good news in our home. We found out that both kids received parts in the upcoming fall musical. Sweet Pea used her sugary sweetness, combined with booty shakin' choreography at her audition to win over the directors with a song she learned at Girl Scouts. Number One Son sang a few verses of 'If I Only Had a Brain'. He hid a piece of cotton in his hand to pull out of his ear for the 'head all full of stuffin' verse which wowed the judges. And it must have worked because he got one of the lead roles again this year. SP got a part as a dancer in her first production.

Both kids are excited for the play this year. The show they are in is called Alms For the Poor. Sounds like another light hearted romp, huh?

Actually, it was written by the main director of our local children's productions. Two years ago, N1S was in the show 3-6-9 Kid about the Holocaust which she also authored. We like that this director is brave enough to try some serious subjects along with comedies.

This theatre season started out a little rocky for N1S. He contracted the flu and had to miss the first practice. But don't worry, Sweet Pea went to practice and forgot her script, songbook and music CD there, just like he usually does on the first night. Luckily, N1S recovered by the end of the week to make his appearance at the second practice. Mom and Dad also went to gather up all of the needed paperwork.

Since this is N1S's fourth production, he has quite a few friends that have been in previous shows with him. I guess he's one of the big-wigs now since he's in fifth grade. At least we think he's a big-wig. This year the play was open for kids in second through eighth grade for auditions.

Sweet Pea, on the other hand, has always thought of herself as a big-wig. After N1S's performance in Hansel and Gretel last year, SP walked up to the director and told her that she was going to be in next year's play. Well, I guess she was right. As I said, she is a dancer in this play. After the first practice, we found out that the director also offered her a small solo. This information comes from SP, so we don't know if it is a solo dance, song or Shakespearean sonnet. So now she's an even bigger-wig. She has attended two whole practices and has already complained that sometimes she gets tired dancing so much. And sometimes she doesn't like to practice with the 'little kids'. The 'little kids' being, other kids the same age as her. Diva behavior already? Next, she will be asking for a dressing room with Cheetos in bowls with serving spoons. Personally, I think she is finding out that being in a play involves a little bit of work along with the fun.

So hopefully, N1S can stay healthy enough to make it to opening night. And hopefully, SP will dance even without getting a private trailer with a star on the door.

My little Diva and her Bodyguard.

And I.....E-I.....E-I.....will always love yooooooou!


DJ Kirkby said...

Congrats to both of your stars. Did N1S have swine flu? It is on the increase over here again right now. N2S has just got over it. I'm hoping Chopper and N3S don't get it as they both have asthma.

Corrie Howe said...

You're children are very creative and talented. It sounds like they both have found a great way to demonstrate their creativity for others. Congratulations Dad.

P.S. Did you get the irony of "stuff in my brain" and N1S cotton? Giggle.

Dad Stuff said...

Thanks DJ. It might have been the swine flu. A lot is going around the schools.

Corrie, thanks for the compliment and enlightening me about our 'stuffin' coincidence. It went completely over my head.

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