Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gold in 2016!

Over the years our kids, like many I'm sure, have on occasion been called, Little Devils. Well, now they have graduated to a new level of deviltry. They have both joined the Sea Devils swim team.

Sea Devils is a swim club that trains and coaches kids to race. At registration, each child received an in-pool evaluation to place them in proper levels. Then Mom and Dad got soaked with all of the swimming equipment needed. I thought all you needed was trunks and water to swim. Apparently, you need a mesh bag, goggles, swim cap, nose plugs, snorkel, fins and Aquaman action figure. And water logging swim trunks have been replaced by sleek spandex jammers. Before leaving for Number One Son's first practice, we asked if he was ready to go. He answered, "Yup, I've got my jammies on." N1S got a chuckle out of himself with that one. I'm glad he said that at home and not in front of his swimming group.

Sweet Pea has all of the same equipment except she needs to wear socks with her fins. Her feet are just a little too dainty to keep the fins on. But when you swim like a fish it's a miracle she doesn't swim right out of her suit. She is one level lower than her big brother, but it won't be long before she is moving up.

They each practice two evenings per week and, of course, on opposite days. N1S is on Tuesday/Wednesday and SP swims Thursday/Friday. Add that to Girl Scouts, dance and piano and that make a busy week. So, unfortunately, one activity had to be axed. SP reluctantly chose to take a break from dance.

So now all we have to do is book our daily 5am pool time for training for the summer Olympics in four to eight years.

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James said...

Sounds like fun. You might want to begin stretching his arms. He might have a 7' wing span by 2016. Then he'll surely be golden.

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