Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I'm sorry that I have been so absent lately from this blog, but I've had good reason. Two good reasons actually. Firstly, N1S performed in his play Hansel and Gretel and did a great job. Pictures and details will follow in the near future.
Then, right after his play weekend, Lady Di and I went on vacation.

This is the first time Lady Di and I have enjoyed a vacation away from the kids. Last Monday, we left Grandma and Grampa in charge and headed south to the Cayman Islands. We had a wonderful time and got to do a lot of things that we haven't in the past due to the kids' schedules. We also learned that we missed the kids terribly and will bring them with us when we go back. The whole time we were there, we would notice multiple things that would have interested the kids. When we got home we immediately had to wake up the kids to give them some long overdue hugs. It would be too difficult to be away from the kids for so long again.

So, we are still unpacking and downloading pictures so hopefully I will be able to post a few items soon. Your patience is appreciated.


Casdok said...

Lovely to hear you had a great time. And i can imagine how you missed your kids.

AppleSauce said...

Awww well I am glad to hear you two had a nice time! And even though I don't have kids I can understand why you would miss them after awhile. I know when S-Dawg goes out to Colorado for a week and I am left here, working....blarg :P I miss him terribly since I am used to being around him every day :)
I am excited to hear all about your trip though tonight at work!!! YIPPIE!! >_<

OhCaptain said...

We have yet to take the long vacation away from the kids, but we sure do like the long weekend getaways. Just enough time to be missing them terribly on the last day, but long enough to gaze into each others eyes and walk around holding hands. The longest we've done so far was 4 nights away...and that was plenty.

I have to admit, The Cayman's do sound nice this time of year.

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

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