Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture This

Here's what you get when a six year old gets hold of your digital camera.

You get lots of pictures of her favorite puppy, named Puppy. Puppy was then photographed at all of the 'hot spots' around the house. She's seen here on the hearth.

This is how her puppy gets around. In her 'Paris Hilton' carry bag.

She even got a closeup while helping Number One Son with his homework.

Here's another interesting location shot. It must be at the health spa. Celebrities are always concerned with their weight.

At last, a picture of her real favorite puppy, Liberty. Liberty is just as hungry for attention and loves the camera. I don't know why dogs always have flash eyes, though.

I see a real career for Sweet Pea in photography. She has a good eye for composition, color and centers her subject pretty well. She must really enjoy it too, because Lady Di said she could hear SP giggling out loud after each shot she took. So as long as someone needs puppy pictures, she will be happy to supply them.

Self portrait of the artist.


James Austin said...

Looks like you have a real character on your hands there. Great puppy shots too.

orlund said...

I love her self-portrait, very creative girl.

As far as the puppy shots...well looks like my camera. My wife gets tired of the hundreds of silly photos I take.

Casdok said...

Lol!!! Excellent!!

The Father of Five said...

Great Photos Sweat-Pea!!

Although it makes me nevous sometimes (due to the possiblity of breakage) - It is fun to hand the camera over the the kids and see what come of it.

We attended a friend's wedding a couple of years back. By the time we got to the reception, the kids were getting a little antsy - So I handed them my camera...

Several hours later (one wedding reception) they came back with a FULL SD card, and had lots of fun... I saved each and every one of those photos...

Too cute!!

Above Average Joe said...

The self-portrait is by far the best. The wife would definitely say she's got your looks here.

Anonymous said...

I love her self portrait! Too cute!

She is a little photographer...indeed!

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