Saturday, November 24, 2007

So Beautiful!

A few weeks ago, Sweet Pea, attended a kids pottery class offered by our local community education. She said she had a lot of fun. She didn't get too messy. She came home without clay in the hair. (that we found) We were told that her 'pot' would be ready in a couple of weeks after firing.
Well, last Monday we got the call. SP's clay pot was ready to pick up at the office.
Lady Di took the kids to retrieve SP's creation. When they got it home, Sweet Pea was eager to look at her artwork. While Lady Di was hanging up coats, Sweet was opening her bag. Lady Di then heard a sudden, loud gasp coming from Sweet Pea. Lady Di went into panic mode, "What happened? Did it break!?", she asked.

"No.", weeping, "It's just so beautiful" ,Sweet Pea answered with all of the drama of a soap opera diva. The way she said that, you would have thought that she was on the verge of tears while viewing the Grand Canyon for the first time.
When I looked at her 'pot' with it's mismatched lid, I had to agree. It was beautiful. Granted, you could tell it wasn't made by Patrick Swayzee and Demi Moore in Ghost. But, for a five year old, I would say it was very beautiful. Sweet Pea is certainly the artist in our family. I'm sure it will find a prominent place in our hutch to display for many years to come. We may even leave it out on the coffee table with M&M's in it for guests.

Where ever it ends up, it was a good $25 investment for the class.
Who knows, it may even turn into a career for her. Does anyone want to order the first custom made creation from 'Sweet Pea's Pots'?


creative-type dad said...

Wow, that is beautiful

Above Average Joe said...

It will be around for many years to come. I made a pencil holder for my parents when I was a kid. It wasnt even close as nice as that but it sat on my parents kitchen counter for years.

Darren said...

It is pretty beautiful. Clare wouldn't have the patience to make something like that.

DJ Kirkby said...

I am so impressed! How did someone so 'ickle' make something so beautiful?

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