Friday, July 13, 2007

Aye, Aye Captain

Ethan got to visit both sets of grandparents in the past two weeks. Last weekend we went to South Dakota for my class reunion. Ethan and Emery got to spend the weekend with Gramma and Grampa. They got a ride in Grampa's convertible and played on the slip and slide. On Saturday night they attended a block party hosted by a neighbor. The kids got to dance the 'hokey pokey' and the 'chicken dance". Ethan hung out with the 'DJ' and got him coffee. The block party had a tropical theme so Ethan and Grampa got to wear their hawiian shirts. The kids even attended Gramma and Grampa's church on Sunday. The church was serving a breakfast to raise money to fix the roof. We weren't expecting rolls, sausage, eggs, waffle sticks mega breakfast. I have a hard enough time staying awake in church on an empty stomach.

On Monday, Ethan went 'up north' to Bemiji to visit his MN Grandparents. Little Sister wanted to come too but we had to bring her home for soccer. Plus, she got to stay with Gramma two months ago for a week. On the first night Ethan called home to tell us that we forgot to pack his toothbrush and pajamas. Therefore, he got go shopping at Target for new ones. He picked out a travel toothbrush because he liked how short it was, and skull and bones pajamas because they were cool. I think he hopes we forget to pack things in the future so he can go shopping for new things. Things like socks, snacks, video games, legos, etc. Ethan also got a ride on Grampa's four wheeler and pontoon boat. Grampa even let Ethan captain the pontoon around the lake with Rosie as his first mate. Ethan got to see the loons with their baby on the lake too. He also got to see a lot of deer and an eagle. He was so busy, he only played his Gameboy twice for the whole week.

Emery and the rest of the family caught up with him on the following Friday. He took us all for a pontoon ride and Uncle Greg took both kids for a ride in his speed boat. I think Ethan had fun being at Gramma's house for a week without his little sister. Little Sister had fun being the center of attention at home for a week. They both said that they missed each other and were glad to be together again. Although, Emery did wait until day number four to ask where her brother was.


DJ Kirkby said...

How wonderful for your children to be within sensible visiting distance to their grandparents. Grandparents are so special.

creative-type dad said...

Sounds like a great time.

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